CEO’s Greetings

EISAN began its business in Akihabara, Tokyo in 1995 and now has 21 Duty Free Shops all over Japan. The company expanded itself as a global company which operates tourism, distribution, SPA manufacturing, and trading industry simultaneously. We sincerely thank all customers, trading partners and contracting parties for company’s growth.

To repay for the thankfulness, EISAN wants to leap as a company which leads global tourism, distribution industry by being solely determined to offer outstanding products and differentiated services to customers. In addition, we promise to strictly abide by the rule of not breaking the trust with customers, local community and trading partners while managing ethically and adhere to recruiting talented person without discrimination to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility.

Both the path which EISAN took for company’s growth and EISAN’s future direction has ‘customers’ as its core. All EISAN’s employees feel a strong responsibility for maintaining the solid trust and support from customers since company’s foundation and we will continue to grow and challenge to repay with outstanding products and competitive services. Moreover, we will cooperate with numerous companies all around the globe and contribute for shareholders and local society.

EISAN has a strong pride in contributing towards enriching customer’s life and we will continue to repay customer’s love with bigger value.

Never give up!

The condition to become EISAN’s employee is to “have passion for work,” Our philosophy is to not have “4 discriminations” for education level, nationality, gender and age. The company’s slogan is “Meticulous strategy and quick action.” All of EISAN’s employees are facing tasks without giving up.

We are producing products which are contributing to the society.

Products which are self-developed by EISAN including electric-assisted bicycle do not contribute to Japanese society. To contribute to Japanese society, the company emphasizes in “selling quality products in a reasonable price” and “help those who are really in need.” By manufacturing products which the market needs and sell to Japan and around the globe; we would like to help many people.

Aim for ONLY ONE business

In Japan’s in-bound market, we believe the demand for visiting Japan will increase in the future. Currently, we are planning to diversify tourism business by utilizing the know-how which EISAN has accumulated based on operating 21 Duty Free Shops. The goal is to commence ONLY ONE tourism business which customers will be happy and that can be only done by EISAN.

Career ・ Awards

□ Education

早稲田大学大学院商学研究科 MBA修士取得

□ Awards

2018年 大韓民国グロバールリダー賞(4)
2013年 大韓民国大統領表彰受賞(3)
2013年 大韓民国教育科学技術部 長官賞受賞(2)
2011年 社団法人韓国ジャーナリスト連合会主催 -「2011 誇らしい韓国人大賞:海外同胞部門」
2007年 産業資源部長官賞受賞(1)
2007年 SHARP NEW CMC Excellent Partner 優秀賞受賞
2006年 SONY Sales Achievement Award

□ brief history

株式会社永山代表取締役 会長
WORLD-OKTA 常任理事/活性化委員会 副委員長WORLD-OKTA TOKYO会長(2010~2011)
NGO 世界災難救護会財団日本地域 支部長
東京韓国学校PTA小学部 会長(2008)
東京韓国学校PTA小学部 総会長(2009~2012)
在日本韓国学校 PTA連合会 会長(2010年)
東京韓国商工会議所 常任理事
在日本大韓民国民団東京新宿支部 副議長(2010~2012)
大径大学ホテルマネジメント科 客員教授(2011~現在)