EISAN Akihabara Duty Free Store waits customer’s visit with more than 20,000 high quality goods.

Akihabara Main Branch is located in Akihabara, Tokyo where it is a source for world’s information has 30 staffs that are from Korea, China, and Thailand who can explain and guide products in their nWe offer various types of products such as Japanese prestigious cosmetics, perfumes and folk crafts, brand goods, electronic goods which can be used in overseas.
Approximately 20,000 products are available so you can experience EISAN’s unique and satisfying shopping. It is an essential shopping course which anyone wants to visit once while travelling in Tokyo!
We will be waiting for you in Akihabara, Tokyo.
EISAN Duty Free Shop will do our best to prioritize customer’s convenience and make further improvement.

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Access to the store

In front of Ueno Matsuzakaya (0.4km, about 6 minutes on foot)
Ueno Hirokoji (0.6km, about 7 minutes on foot)
In front of Kanda Shrine (0.7km, 10 minutes on foot)
Japan Rail
Suehirocho Station (Tokyo) (0.0km, about 1 minute on foot)
Yushima Station (0.4km, about 5 minutes on foot)
Akihabara Station (0.6km, about 7 minutes on foot)
Private parking
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