Travelling, delicious cuisine!! One of Fukuoka’s attraction!
Enjoy one of Fukuoka’s attraction by shopping at EISAN Fukuoka Branch.

「Fukuoka」is a popular tourist destination among Kyushu region. Hakata Ramen, Salted Pollack Roe, Beef Tripe Hot Pot… “Fukuoka” has a strong image related to food, but there are numerous tourist attractions such as Sunset Road, Kyushu National Museum Dazaifu Tenman-gu, and Kawachi Botanical Garden. Another joy for travelling in Fukuoka is “EISAN Duty Free Shop.” Selected high quality products are offered in a reasonable price. With best service, we will help you to have fun shopping.

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Yutaka Ichome Station (about 1.2KM, 10 minutes on foot)
Oimachi Station (about 1.5KM, about 15 minutes on foot)
Japan Rail
Hakata Station (about 2.3km, 20 minutes on foot)
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