Shopping Street Ginza which represents Japan

Attractive City “Ginza” which has traditions and new trends. Famous department stores and prestigious brand shops, traditional restaurants are available for wide range of shopping. EISAN Ginza Branch offers various types of products which allow variety of shopping from world’s prestigious brands to traditional brands. Around the store, there are sushi which is representative Japanese cuisine and famous restaurants where you can enjoy after shopping. Tokyo’s famous tourist attraction, Ginza has shopping maker EISAN Ginza Branch which waits for customer’s visit.


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Japan Rail (TOKYO METRO / JR)
Shinbashi (0.2km, about 3 minutes on foot)
Siodome (0.5km, about 4 minutes on foot)
Uchisaiwacho (0.5km, about 5 minutes on foot)
Passenger car
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Surrounding parking facilitie
Repark Shinbashi itchome 2rd (40.8m, about 2 minutes on foot)
Miura parking shinbashi itchome 1rd (67m, about 3 minutes on foot)
Ginza international hotel (70m, about 5 minutes on foot)

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