Hiroshima has Miyajima’s “Itsushima Shrine” and 「Atom Bomb Dome」, a symbol of peaceful city.

EISAN Hiroshima Airport Duty Free waits for customer’s visit with EISAN’s high quality products and Japan’s various traditional goods.
Hiroshima Airport operates regular domestic flights from Narita Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai, Okinawa and international flights from Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai, Qingtao, Dalian and Tianjin. Hiroshima has 2 World Heritage and historic places as well as delicious cuisines which make tourists fun to travel. There are many tourists from overseas where they can experience Miyajima’s 「Itsukushima Shrine」 and 「Atom Bomb Dome, a symbol of peaceful city」 which are meaningful historic tourist sites and view world heritage. When departing from Hiroshima Airport, you can purchase various products including digital products and Japanese traditional goods which can be used in overseas by visiting EISAN Duty Free Shop and we are waiting for your visit.

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To Hiroshima (bus, Japan Rail)
Heiwao Odori Line -> Hiroshima Bus Center -> Nakasuji Station -> Hiroshima Airport
Hiroshima Airport Shinkansen Entrance -> Hiroshima Airport
Hiroshima Station -> Hiroshima Airport
To Kure (bus)
Clayton Bay Hotel -> In Front of Kure Station -> Hiroshima Airport
To Fukuyama and Fuchu (bus, Japan Rail)
Fukuyama Station -> Takazaki BS, JR Hiroshi Station -> Hiroshima Airport
Heisei University -> Takazaki BS -> Hiroshima Airport
To Mihara and Takehara (bus, Japan Rail)
Mihara Station -> Hiroshima Airport
Takehara Ferry Platform -> Hiroshima Airport
To Onomichi and Innoshima (bus, Japan Rail)
Onomichi Station -> Takazaki BS, JR Hiroshi Station -> Hiroshima Airport
Habuko (Innoshima) -> Takazaki BS -> Hiroshima Airport
To Kounu and Sera (bus)
Kounu Station -> Takazaki BS -> Hiroshima Airport
From outskirts of Hiroshima (bus, Japan Rail)
Iwakuni Station -> JR Hiroshi Station -> Hiroshima Airport
Okayama Station -> JR Fukuyama Station -> Hiroshima Airport

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