EISAN Duty Free Shop located in Hokkaido, which is has abundant nature in the most northern part of Japan waits customer’s visit with best shopping facility.

Sapporo, which as pure affection you can feel from mystery nature of most northern part of Japan is a place which anyone wants to visit at least once.

Sapporo has wide virgin forest and wilderness where 70% of the city is designated as national forest with outstanding nature scenery. In fall, a scenery which is full of maple leaves and in summer there are beautiful and pure river, lakes, sea and beer garden (beer square). In winter, there is snow event which is biggest in Sapporo where you can experience different tourist attraction than the mainland Japan.

“Odori Park” beer garden, Sapporo’s snow festival in winter and largest EISAN Duty Free Store is located in Sapporo! EISAN Duty Free Store is located in the center of Sapporo, not only Hokkaido’s Special products, there are also popular local products which can be shopped at once by visiting EISAN Duty Free Store.

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Access to the store

Maruyama Dai-ichi Tori (0.2km, about 3 minutes on foot)
Maruyama Park (0.7km, about 9 minutes on foot)
Museum of Contemporary Art (1.2km, about 16 minutes on foot)
Japan Rail
Nishi 28 Chome Station (0.5km, about 6 minutes on foot)
Maruyama Park Station (0.7km, about 9 minutes on foot)
Nishi 18 Chome Station (1.2km, about 14 minutes on foot)
Rental Car
Toyota Rent-a-Car, Sapporo Miyano Mori Branch
Nikoniko Rent-a-Car, Museum of Contemporary Art Branch
Shugaichi Motors, Shirokuma Rent-a-Car
Private parking
6 parking slots in front of Main Shop

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