Ibaraki Airport Branch It’s「EISAN Duty Free Shop」 Ibaraki Airport/Airport Plaza/Akihabara Digital Appliance Branch.

New International Airport in Ibaraki Prefecture! 3rd Airport in Capital Area! Ibaraki Airport EISAN Duty Free Shop!
From being a Self-Defense Forces facility, it has been available to civilians as a 3rd Airport in Capital Area.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism being the main agent, the runway which is used by civilian aircraft is newly installed in the west side of conventional runway. With minimum scale, it has organized service facility for optimal and efficient tourism. International flights are departing and landing as chartered flights from China, Taiwan, Guam and Philippines as well regular flights from Seoul. Ibaraki Airport is most convenient and cheap airport in Japan and expects to fly to other regions continuously.
Our staffs are waiting for your visit in EISAN Ibaraki Airport Duty Free Shop which is adjacent to Airport departure waiting room while using the Ibaraki Airport.

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