K-COS is a select store where you can find the hottest cosmetics in Korea!

One of the largest number of brands in Japan! Over 2,000 items handled! Ranking select store! We are one of the largest select stores in Japan, handling over 2,000 items from more than 100 brands. In addition to popular basic items, we also carry many brands that have made their first appearance in Japan. Here is a corner where you can fully enjoy Korean cosmetics by doing your makeup in the dresser room or posting it on SNS on the spot. *Items vary depending on the season.

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20 minutes southwest from Hanyu IC on Tohoku Expressway.
15 minutes from Hanyu Station on the Tobu Isezaki Line and Chichibu Railway.
15 minutes from Tobu Isezaki Line and Chichibu Railway Hanyu Station West Exit.
5000 Parking Spaces.

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