Largest theme park located in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.

Huis Ten Bosch is located in Sasebo Prefecture in Nagasaki Region is also known as HTB or Ten Bosch. It reproduced landscape in Netherlands and is a large theme park where you can experience Europe. It is 1.5 times size of Tokyo’s Disney Land and is largest size as a single theme park. It is also well known as shooting site for dramas and movies and it is registered as village in Sasebo City.

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Nearby transportation facilities
Huis Ten Bosch Bus : About 90m to the stop
Swains Sasebo : It is approximately 333m to the bus stop
In front of Huis Ten Bosch Hills : Approximately 341m to the bus stop
Huis Ten Bosch Station : Approximately 628m to the bus stop
House Tenbo : Approximately 613m to the station
Huis Ten Bosch Marine Terminal : Approximately 992m to station
Haenoki Station : Approximately 1054m to the station
parking lot : House Tenbo Parking Lot

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