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Nihonbashi is a bridge connecting Dotonbori River. During Edo Era, it was a bridge administered by the Japan’s feudal government. Near the bridge, there was a dock which was a strategic transportation point both in land and water. From Edo Era there was a slum in Eastern Region Tennoji Village and Western Region Nari gun Namba Village, Imamiya Village. However, in 1903 (Meiji 36), it was all demolished when 4th Exposition was hosted. Afterwards, it became an old bookshop. After World War 2, it became an electronic market equivalent to Tokyo’s Akihabara or Nagoya’s Osu electronic market. It is called as “Akihabara in the West.”

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Namba Express Bus Terminal (about 431M on foot) about 6 minutes
Nihonbashi 1-chome (about 530M on foot about 7 minutes on foot)
JR Railway
-Namba Station (Nankai Line, about 371M, about 6 minutes on foot)
-Kintetsu Nihombashi Station (about 474m on foot, about 6 minutes on foot)
-Nihonbashi Station (about 483M on foot about 6 minutes on foot)

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