“Shinjuku”, a street where it never stops evolving and the center of culture in Tokyo

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is a land mark and the center of Tokyo Administration. JR “Shinjuku” Station which has 3.5 million passengers per day. Kabuki Street and famous department stores and shops create shopping town in the City’s Eastern part. High office buildings including Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and prestigious hotels along with public art museums are located in the City’s Western part. On city’s Southern part where it feels like as if walking on a terrace between the buildings. EISAN Duty Free Shop is located in Shinjuku where you can feel city’s different attractions such as Oasis Shinjuku Park. Shinjuku Branch is which as wide range of products as well as health products are waiting for your visit.

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Higashi-Shinjuku Station (approximately 200M from bus stop)
Okubo 2-chome (about 3000M from bus stop)
Japan Rail
Higashi-Shinjuku (100m, about 5 minutes on foot)
Shin-Okubo (0.6km, about 10 minutes on foot)
Seibu-Shinjuku (0.5km, about 8 minutes on foot)
Surrounding parking facilitie
Coin parking (0m, about 0 minutes on foot)
repark kabukicho nichome 10rd (64m, about 3 minutes on foot)
Break kabukicho (68m, about 4 minutes on foot)

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