Tsushima is a floating island on the Tsushima Strait between Kyushu and Korea.

Because Tsushima has many mountainous areas and inconvenient on-land transportation, the island has been preserved for centuries. The representative is Taishu. Soba is considered to have been imported to Japan in the late Jomon period, but breeding improvement has progressed throughout the country, but Tsushima can still taste the original Soba of the late Jomon period. In addition, the old-fashioned beekeeping method is still performed, and you can enjoy the honey of the Japanese honey bees which is rich and fragrant. The east and west Tsushima current flows, and there is less plain, and about 89% of island soil is mountain, and primeval forest remains in various places. At the center of the island, only the rias coast, Asa (Aso) spreads, and the total length of the coastline reaches 915 kilometers. Most of the geology is sedimentary rock, and the topsoil is thin, and rugged rocks can be found in many places in the sea.

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Hakata Station → Fukuoka → Tsushima
Airport Nagasaki Airport → Tsushima Airport
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Hakata Station (Nishitetsu Bus) → Hakata Port → Hitakatsu Port

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