New International Airport in Ibaraki. The third airport in the Tokyo metropolitan area. YESMART Ibaraki Airport Store.

Ibaraki Airport has opened as the third airport in the Tokyo metropolitan area. International flights include scheduled flights to Seoul, Korea, as well as charter flights to China, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines, and various other destinations. Ibaraki Airport, the most compact and low-cost airport in Japan, is expected to serve more regions in the future. When using the Ibaraki Airport, our staff look forward to serving you at the YESMART Ibaraki Airport Store, which is also located in the airport departure waiting area.

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To Ishioka Station or Ogawa Station
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To Mito Station
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To Tokyo Station (Advance reservation required)
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To Tsukuba Center (TX Tsukuba Station)
Ibaraki Airport (departure and arrival)
Tsukuba-shi (departure and arrival)
Tsuchiura-shi, Kasumikaura-shi (departure and arrival)
Kamisu-shi, Kashima-shi (departure and arrival)
Itako-shi (departure and arrival)
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