The Osaka Dotonbori store promises to bring the joy of shopping to multinational tourists.

Dotonbori, symbolized by the Shochikuza Theater, Crab Dogaku, and the Glico sign, is the representative shopping district of Osaka’s Minami district! The name “Dotonbori” comes from the name of Yasui Doton, who gave up his private fortune to open the river in 1612. Later, the Shogunate’s city planning brought all the theaters in Osaka together on the south side of Dotombori, and 47 water teahouses were permitted, making the area the home of Japanese theater for a long time. As large crowds gathered for plays, food shops naturally flourished as well. Today, the only remaining playhouse is the Shochikuza Theater near Ebisubashi Bridge, but restaurants of various genres line the north side of Dotonbori Street and are busy all year round.

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Sakai-suji Dotonbori 3min on foot.
Nihonbashi 1-chome 4min on foot.
Ebisu Bridge 5min on foot.
Dotonbori Bridge 6min on foot.
Tazaemonbashi Pier 3min on foot.
Kintetsu Nihonbashi Station 5min on foot.
Osaka Metro Nihonbashi Station 5min on foot.
Osaka Metro Namba Station 8min on foot.

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