• Customer-Centered

We offer first before customers feel the need by constantly thinking what values we can offer to customers. It is a starting point to all ideas and it is the reason why EISAN exists. Humbly accepts customer’s criticism and prioritizes in customer satisfaction.

• Challenging Spirit

Constantly improving by not settling with current situation. Not be afraid to make changes and make it as a new opportunity. Learn from the failure and develop by growing constantly.

• Trust and Integrity

Do not break the trust with customer under any circumstances, do the best with genuine and honest heart to all stakeholders such as executives, subcontractors and local community.

• Managing Talents

We follow 4 No-policy which does not discriminate nationality, education level, gender and age while recruiting. We give opportunities to anyone who has creative ideas and ambition. If someone has ability, we do not give any discrimination or bias and actively promote talented staff.