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Exemplary management

EISAN Vision

The purpose of EISAN is to offer world’s high quality products and services to allow customers to enjoy affluent and valuable life.

Based on its company’s purpose, EISAN has expanded its business sector from its core business Duty Free Shop to tourism, trade, and SPA manufacturing industry to create a mutual synergy. Furthermore, we want to become a global company which creates values for the future to allow all stakeholders of EISAN to enjoy prosper including customers, local community and trading partners.

To promise EISAN’s principle and purpose to all, we are proclaiming VISION 2020. In detail, we are aiming to list in the Korean Stock Exchange by 2020.

The core of achieving VISION 2020 is the ‘Customer.’ EISAN promises to create a new value and do our best as a bridge offering world’s high quality products and services to customers.

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